Global Star Capital's process for working with clients and projects has been formulated to achieve maximum results. Please review the entire website and follow our steps below. Please be advised that you are the entity searching for capital or equity, you cannot change our protocol requirements. The avenues or philosophies surrounding your project to this point have not achieved the full goal, therefore our extremely professional and proven approach is the solution in assisting your needs.

If you are a "broker" or intermediary who is not fully screened by Global Star Capital, please make sure that you immediately complete the steps in the INTERMEDIARY/BROKER section of this web site.  You will not be recognized or benefit from the submitted project unless you complete our screening process in full.

Commercial or Intellectual Property Projects - Please read all of the instructions below before proceeding.

1.  Please read this entire website fully.  

2.  Please do not ask us what rates, terms, fees and conditions are or will be on your project.  We will not know what any rates, terms, fees and conditions are until after we review your project (for free), speak with you via a conference call (for free) and then are able to find a willing facilitator of capital funding.  This only happens after you fully engage our services which includes the required face to face meeting with our founding executive.  Please follow our protocol perfectly.  The project principals who follow our protocol succeed, those who do not fail to establish the critical relationships needed with facilitators of funding.   

3.  After reading this entire website, please fully complete the Project Application in the "PROJECT APPLICATION" section of the website. Immediately after you complete the project application, please e-mail your full business plan and all pertinent information directly to our Director of New Client Relations, Cathy Evangelista on If you do not have a business plan, please state so in your email.  If you have spoken to Cathy Evangelista prior to this step, please follow her instructions.


4.  After review and acceptance of your Project Application, your business plan, pro-forma or financial projections etc., Cathy Evangelista will request a telephone conference call to discuss all vital information on your project.

5.  Upon completion of the initial conference call, an internal company presentation will be made to Mr. Cocovich if Ms. Evangelista is satisfied that the project merits moving forward. Mr. Cocovich will also utilize his expertise to assess the potential of your project.  He will then offer a conference call of his own with you.  If he is satisfied with the call and your project knowledge, he will offer full services that will include the mandatory face to face meeting step.  He will explain the parameters of this step during your call.  

6.  At the mandatory face to face meeting, Mr. Cocovich will immediately begin creating and administering a full game plan for entertaining the best fit of facilitators, gate keeping organizations and/or program manager administrators of private funding.  He will also make a decision as to whether your project is a fit for Global Star Capital's own funding and that of his family trust.  This process has been perfected based on the many years of experience since 1991.  We know exactly what the aforementioned entities need and want. They rely on us to present solvent and perfectly planned projects.  We deal with these entities daily and covet our relationships with them.  We will not break the protocol.  

7. Global Star Capital and Mr. Cocovich will be your guiding professionals in working with the important and necessary entities within the process of the private funding avenues who will accept your project.

8. You will go through due diligence phase with the source's underwriting/program management team and then closing.


Disclaimer Info........    

Global Star Capital is a subsidiary of Global Star Talent Inc., a consulting company.  We specialize in assisting our clients in obtaining the necessary attention from private lending and equity sources through their facilitating entities.  Our consulting services do not guarantee that funding for projects will be administered as due diligence and underwriting are not performed by Global Star Capital or our parent company.  

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